Unbeatable Benefits Package -- Part 2

bald eagle in flight 4MP.jpg

In part one, we considered three of the benefits stated in Psalm 103:1-5 that we receive, tax-free-- forgiveness, healing, and redemption.  The benefits keep flowing and growing when we praise the Lord and thank Him for them.  Here’s some more:

Fourth-- we receive a “crown” of love and compassion – above all else, in the most prominent place, the Lord gives us unconditional love—with all the affection, acceptance, excitement over being with us, and empathetic care that goes with it.  Last week we got to spend a few days with our grandkids (and other family members).  Oh, what a total feeling of excitement, joy, wanting to hug, kiss, and do whatever I could for and with those two sweet boys!  This gives me just an inkling of God’s love and compassion “crowning” us.

Fifth—huge double benefit here – total satisfaction, leading to renewed youth.  How does this happen?  It begins with desires, which we all have, some good, some not good.  The Lord sorts them all out and fulfills each one according to our real, underlying, need, in the best way possible.  For example, suppose a young lady desires a boyfriend so she can have security, companionship, and higher self-esteem.  If she tries to fill that need herself, she may date any guy that comes along, which could lead to major hurt and disappointment for her later on.  But when the Lord fulfills that desire, He understands her deepest need for close relationship and a sense of worth.  Accordingly, He will provide those for her in the way(s) that work best and won’t end in hurt and disappointment.  Whether a boyfriend, husband, good friends, sense of closeness with Himself (ultimately the best way), or all of the above, it’s all good.

Next, when we feel satisfied, we experience contentment and joy—that settled sense that things are right, good, enough, and enjoyable the way they are—no restless feeling of needing to change anything.  The weight of the world has been lifted off our minds, hearts, and shoulders.  We feel lighthearted and free, which makes us healthier physically as well as emotionally—like children, the way they are meant to be, before the woes of the world crowd in on them, weigh them down, and age them.  When we experience this, the aging process gets reversed, so that our “youth is renewed like the eagle’s” (Ps. 103:5). 

What do eagles do? They soar!  While we earthbound humans and animals have to be surrounded by buildings, trees, walls, and anything else that blocks our vision, eagles soar above, free from obstruction, with full perspective.  When our youth is renewed like the eagle’s, it enables us to soar above our problems, fears, worries, and self-centered cares.  It broadens our perspective and helps us see the whole picture, so we realize all that’s out there.  Often the “game” changes for us right here, as full perspective gives us both confidence and competence in the way we respond to situations and challenges.    Elisha’s servant experienced this when the Lord opened his eyes to see “the hills full of horses and chariots of fire surrounding [them]” (2 Kings 6:17).  Instead of retreating in fear from the much-larger enemy army, he advanced boldly, realizing he was on the winning side!

Our “youth renewed” – in a way, we’ve discovered the legendary fountain of youth!  No, our bodies won’t live forever, and yes, we’ll get sick and die someday.  But, as scientific research has discovered, peace, contentment, joy, freedom from anxiety and resentment, do prevent many diseases and maladies, and when we die, we’ll die much happier! Meanwhile, we’ll have a lot more energy to enjoy life, and do the things that “keep us young”—like leading youth group in our 50s, which my husband and I have been doing the last few years!  

All these benefits and more--  ours to experience as soon as we join the Providential Life Company—Why “have a piece of the rock” when we can have the whole Rock?!