“Do not dwell on the past.

See, I am doing a new thing.

Now it springs forth…”

Is. 43:18-19

New Hope

New Vision

New Beginnings



What You Get

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I help people who are struggling to understand their identity and discover their unique purpose.


I want you to communicate and connect better with those around you, and love well.


I’ve been there.  Sometimes in my life I’ve felt like I was wandering in a fog, unclear of my identity or role.


“Who am I, and what am I supposed to be doing?”


That became my daily theme, which made it difficult to relate well or truly love anyone. With God’s help and the help of others, thankfully that’s changed.


Having come through it, I will come alongside you in your journey of finding out who you are and what your purpose is for life. Together we will explore how you can spring forth and surge forward to embrace all that He has created you to be and do.


From me you will receive genuine empathy, encouragement, support, and gentle guidance when necessary.  I will walk this path with you, celebrating your new hope, new vision, and new beginnings.



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What People Are Saying


I was blessed to be coached by Julie Tofilon on numerous occasions. Julie’s Christian faith is at the core of her being— she is a gift of Christ’s light to others. Always professional and respectful, Julie helped me in my spiritual growth. with her encouragement and compassion, I was able to refocus my priorities and place God at the center of my life. I discovered the value of connecting with God each day through prayer, scripture, and jorunaling— all of which continue to bring peace and balance to my full life.
— Stacy M. -- Systems Engineer/Mom
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Julie leverages her years of ministry and coaching experience to come alongside you. In a delightful and effortless way, you find yourself breaking through barriers and going to the next level.
— Annie M. -- Marketing Executive
Julie is an awesome coach!!! By allowing God to work through her, I was able to gain clarity and move forward in some areas of my life where I felt stuck. If you are looking for someone who listens and can help to guide you through life’s obstacles....Julie is definitely the coach for you!
— Melissa B. -- Social Worker/Mom
Before my Life Coach sessions with Julie, I was a poor planner and lacked discipline in coming up with practical steps to achieve a goal. Just after the first session with Julie, I felt wiser, more confident, and uplifted. In 4 sessions, Julie was able to ask the right questions that encouraged me to make committments to short-term goals that greatly improved my relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I also constructed my first ever year-long goal. It was through Jesus and Julie Tofilon that I was able to become more confident and responsible in my everyday life. Julie has a God-given gift of asking pertinent and thought provoking questions that bring out deep, reflective thoughts . I am very blessed, grateful, and thankful for Julie and her talents of being a phenomenal Life Coach! I highly recommend Julie as a Life Coach to anyone who would like or is need of accountability, encouragement, hope, wisdom, etc.
— Trevor P. -- High School Teacher/Athletic Coach
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Julie’s excellent coaching and heartfelt support fueled my passion, purpose, and commitment to obey God’s calling. I learned to not only to make SMARTER goals, but achieve them during a time of transition. Cheered on after each step forward, I felt energized and equipped to identify and overcome obstacles, including procrastination and negative self-talk.
— Carole P. -- Ministry leader/Mom
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Julie is a good coach. She’s patient and very engaged in listening. She has an objective attitude and always help you to reflect on yourself. I can always find a solution after each conversation.
— Jin (Jamey) C. -- International Corporate Team Leader
Julie is always encouraging me a lot. She is waiting for my answer patiently and asks me a good question at a good timing anytime.
I could focus on my goal and plan what to do the next step. That’s because Julie helps me to think about it.
Sometimes I confused to say what I want to say in English. Even if I took the coaching session with Japanese coach, I can’t express my feeling at the appropriate words. But Julie guess my feeling. It helps me a lot
— Reina O. -- Medical Doctor/Bioethics Researcher